On October 27, the “TOGETHER-2022: Sustainable transformation as part of the global technology of victory” interaction forum is held online

Detailed information about the Forum

The following were among the issues brought up for discussion:

  • Climate-responsible politics in conditions of war: how to overcome populist resistance;
  • The price for Ukraine of (not) decarbonized energy and industry;
  • Green construction, operation of buildings and energy-efficient technologies;
  • How to use all energy efficiency tools;
  • How to find resources for the implementation of European directives;
  • How communities can become energy independent;

Serhiy Porovskyy, the Head of the PAEU Energy Efficiency Committee, Chief Expert of UNIDO on Energy Efficiency Financing and Policy, and co-organizer of the Forum, began his speech with the words “Energy efficiency, energy substitution and energy security are key priorities in the restoration and support of the real sector of the economy. The state, society, business, MFIs and development agencies – we all have to make a joint effort to maximize support and work in these areas!”

Live broadcast of the event