The UKR IEE Project has been implementing the Program for the Development of Expert Potential of Ukraine in the Field of Implementation of the ISO 50001 Standard in Industry since 2015.

The training program includes:

  • Short term seminars (1/2 day) for raising awareness about energy management issues;
  • Two-day seminars for end users of energy management systems;
  • Multi-module long-term expert level trainings with qualification test.

During this period, more than 250 specialists were trained and qualified under various programs, more than 200 specialists (more than 75%) of which successfully passed qualification exams and received certificates of UNIDO specialists with the confirmation of the central national executive body – State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE).

In the period of June – July 2020 the Project Management Group appealed to all specialists who received the qualifications of UNIDO expert with a request to confirm their interest and ability to carry out projects in the Ukrainian industry according to the qualifications received. To add your company to the Database, read the information at the following link

We bring to your attention the following Open Database of experts in the following areas:

The database is interactive – you can find an expert of the required category by opening the list, sort the table by parameters.

These experts passed the full Expert level training (4 Training Modules during 10-12 months), received the qualification “UNIDO Expert on the Implementation of EnMS”, having received the highest scores on the UNIDO qualification exam. They passed the UNIDO Training Program for Trainers and were recommended as “Leading Trainers for the Implementation of EnMS”. As trainers they conducted 2-day courses on “Implementation of EnMS for users” and have experience in working with industrial enterprises.
These experts passed the UNIDO Expert Training course (4 Training Modules during 10-12 months), passed the UNIDO Qualification Exam, participated in the practical implementation of EnMS in industrial enterprises. Received UNIDO and State Agency for Energy Efficiency Certificates.
These experts passed a specialized 5-day UNIDO course on a program that meets the Lead Auditors trainings requirements of the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine (NAAU). Passed the qualifying exam. Received the Certificate of UNIDO and State Agency for Energy Efficiency.
These experts passed UNIDO trainings on various types of Energy Systems Optimization (ESO): ventilation and compressed air systems with work on existing systems of industrial enterprises (2-day user-level trainings and 5-day Expert-level trainings). They carried out individual energy systems optimization projects, which received a positive assessment from UNIDO international experts.

The UNIDO/GEF UKR IEE Project is not responsible and will not have any influence on the process of selecting and attracting experts from the Database to perform any work.
The UNIDO / GEF UKR IEE Project is also not responsible for the further use of the received information by the relevant government beneficiaries and partner banking institutions of the Project.