The Center for Energy Management at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) and Faculty of Economics of the NaUKMA, with the participation of the Kyiv Regional Expert Center for Energy Efficiency and with the support of the UNDP Project “Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings”, presented the study “Qualitative Barriers in the Training of Energy Management Specialists for Municipalities, Communities and Real Sector Enterprises in Ukraine”.

The study was presented by Andrii Kytaiev, Head of the Center for Energy Management at the NaUKMA, Liudmyla Synetska, Director of the Kyiv Regional Expert Center for Energy Efficiency, Nina Chala, Doctor of Public Administration, Professor, Head of the Master Program of Energy Management at NaUKMA.

Representatives and executives from the field of energy efficiency gathered for the round table presentation:

Sergii Varga, UNDP Project Manager, Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings;

Olexii Riabchyn, Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection of Ukraine;

Yegor Fareniuk, Technical Director, Energy Efficiency Fund;

Dmytro Petrunin, Head of Energy Efficiency Department, Ministry for Communities and Territories Development of Ukraine;

Olexii Korchmit, Advisor to the Head of the State Energy Efficiency of Ukraine;

Alexey Paschenko, National Project Coordinator of the UKR IEE UNIDO/GEF Project Manager;

Galyna Korol, Head of Housing and Energy Efficiency Department of Kyiv Regional State Administration;

Volodymyr Kazarin, Doctor of Science, Professor, Rector of V.I. Vernadsky Taurida National University (TNU).

The participants of the round table discussed the results of the study and approved recommendations on correction of the imbalance that was formed in the field of training specialists for residents of Ukraine who form and implement practical projects in the field of energy management. Recommendations include the following:

– the draft Law of Ukraine “On Energy Efficiency” is proposed to be supplemented by theses and direct references to the need to introduce energy management systems according to the international standard ISO 50001 (adopted in Ukraine in the format DSTU ISO 50001 in 2015);

– formulate a legislative initiative to introduce a standard on mandatory training of the housing cooperatives managers within the framework of training programs;

– to prepare and launch targeted training programs for retraining (advanced training) according to the identified competency request for the qualitative training of the municipalities and the hromadas in the field of energy management;

– to recommend, through the Ministry of Education and Science and the NAQA, universities that provide training for energy managers; to increase the management and economic components of their training programs by up to 50% of the total educational volume.

Traditionally, after the official presentation, the participants discussed the live performance of the musicians of the KUT Student Space.

The event was supported by UNDP.

According to the materials of the National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”.