The Industrial Energy Accelerator, a UNIDO-led network of international initiatives working to inspire global action on industrial energy efficiency. The Industrial Energy Accelerator reached out to energy managers and experts around the world to learn from their experience during the COVID economic shutdown and what industrial companies can do to improve their chances of recovery.

The expert from Ukraine – Mariia Voloskovets, Chief Specialist in Standardization, Certification and Quality at Astarta Holding, in her interview, shared her experience of overcoming the crisis also by improving energy efficiency:


“I think we are better prepared for this crisis. Just in the past year through the implementation of the ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard, and automated monitoring systems like AgriChain, we have reduced natural gas consumption by 4 percent and electricity consumption by 0.5 percent. In our sugar production alone we managed to reduce the amount of natural gas by 23 percent. These energy savings have definitely helped us to reduce costs and support our staff during this challenging time”.



Experts from Egypt, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Palestine, South Africa and Ukraine also shared their advice on recovering from the crisis:

  • Think outside of the box or risk being left behind.
  • Focus on the variable costs that you can control.
  • Rally staff around a common goal.
  • Support small business and mitigate your risks.
  • Optimize in every possible way.
  • Now is the time to upskill and innovate.
  • Don’t forget about your long-term goals.
  • Use the crisis as an opportunity to reset.

More information about all interviews can be found on the website of the Industrial Energy Accelerator.