Thanks to the support of the UNIDO UKR IEE Project, the latest version of the National Standard ISO 50001 and two more new standards of the ISO 50000 series will be implemented in Ukraine.

On the website of the National Standardization Body (Ukrainian Agency of Standardization, UAS) orders for new standards are published.

Order 104 of 06/03/2020 concerns the new standards of the ISO 50000 series for energy management.

According to the Order of the National Standardization Body No. 104 dated 06/03/2020, it is ordered to:

  • Adopt national standards, harmonized with international standards, by the translation method with the entry into force on September 15, 2020:
  1. DSTU ISO 50001: 2020 (ISO 50001: 2018, IDT) “Energy management systems. Requirement with guidance for use”- to replace DSTU ISO 50001: 2014;
  2. DSTU ISO 50007: 2020 (ISO 50007: 2017, IDT) “Energy services — Guidelines for the assessment and improvement of the energy service to users”- for the first time;
  3. DSTU ISO 50047: 2020 (ISO 50047: 2016, IDT) “Energy savings — Determination of energy savings in organizations”- for the first time.
  • Cancel the national standard from September 15, 2020:
  1. DSTU ISO 50001: 2014 “Energy Saving. Energy Management Systems — Requirements with guidance for use”. (ISO 50001: 2011, IDT).

This allows Ukrainian enterprises, organizations and specialists to use the modern International Standards for energy saving, energy efficiency (and now it is already possible to say “energy performance“) in their activities, to use this in National terms and definitions.

We hope that this will contribute to the active implementation of the above standards in the practical activities of Ukrainian enterprises and organizations, which will lead to an increase in their energy performance and competitiveness.

The standards were developed by the Technical Committee for Standardization TK-48 “Energy Saving” with the organizational and financial support of UNIDO/GEF UKR IEE Project.