On October 21-22, 2021, ECOBUSINESS FORUM-2021: «Green Economy: how to reach balance» has taken place in Kyiv. Representing the UNIDO/GEF Project, Mr. Serhiy Porovskyy, Principal Expert on Energy Efficiency Financing and Policy, has been invited as a speaker of the first session dedicated to industrial Eco-transformation and experience in Green Financing.

Besides accentuating on the 3-step cycle the business should undertake for its transformation consisting of: 1) energy efficiency; 2) decarbonization/CO2eq. neutrality; 3) Environmental impact neutrality; Mr. Serhiy Porovskyy has shared information about successful operation of the Loan Guarantee Fund.

Supported by national stakeholders, and cross-guaranteed by Citibank Europe PLC, the Loan Guarantee Fund is foremost aimed to facilitate industrial companies with getting access to capital for:

1. Implementation and certification of the energy management systems (according to ISO 50001).
2. Implementation of energy consumption optimization measures.

Such financing may be of interest to manufacturing enterprises, food and processing industry enterprises, export-oriented companies, or those that plan to attract loans from international financial institutions, energy-intensive enterprises, etc.

The Loan Guarantee Fund is the first and one of the kind guarantee based financial mechanism launched by a UN agency with a selected financial partner in Ukraine.

Detailed information on the terms of the lending program can be viewed on the website of UKRGASBANK JSB by following this link.

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