The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine, together with the project “Support for the establishment of an emissions trading scheme (ETS) in Ukraine”, which is being implemented by GIZ on behalf of The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action of Germany (BMWK), is continuing a series of thematic events to attract interested parties to the discussion of the development and introduction of a greenhouse gas emissions trading system in Ukraine.

On September 15, 2022, the third working meeting was held, which was devoted to the basic principles of allowance allocation as a key element of the ETS. Participants were informed about different methods of allowance allocation (historical approach, auctions, targets) and approaches to using revenues from emissions allowance auctions to stimulate further climate action and avoid the negative effects of allocation.

The meeting consisted of:

  • A structured lecture on the elements of ETS: concepts and issues of allocation of allowances, different methods of allocation (historical, based on specific indicators and auctioning), advantages of the allocation of allowances by auctioning, possible use of revenues from auctioning, possibilities of preventing carbon leakage
  • Presentations by European experts regarding the acquired experience
  • Q&A sessions

Alexey Paschenko, the National Coordinator of the UNIDO/GEF UKR IEE Project “Introduction of Energy Management System Standard in Ukrainian Industry” also took part in the meeting.

A video recording of the presentation is available at the link.