ISO has just published ISO/PAS 50010:2023 Energy management and energy savings — Guidance for net zero energy in operations using an ISO 50001 energy management system.

This document gives guidance on the use of an energy management system (EnMS) in accordance with ISO 50001:2018 to achieve net zero energy (NZE) and supports the achievement of net zero carbon (NZC) and other sustainability goals.

It describes how to establish an enhanced EnMS designed to achieve:

  • a) improvement of operational and maintenance practices based on NZE principles;
  • b) integration of renewable energy into operations and maintenance;
  • c) planning for facilities, systems, equipment, or processes to implement NZE and NZC.

This document does not apply to technologies, design, or construction. The technical specification of passive, active, or renewable energy for NZE or NZC is also not included because of different regional conditions by countries.

The standard was developed by the technical committee ISO/TC 301 “Energy management and energy savings”, whose secretariat is led by the United States of America. 59 countries, including Ukraine, are active members of this technical committee. Also, experts from another 29 countries work in ISO/TC 301 as observers. ISO/TC 301 was created in 2016 and during this time 22 standards have been published, and another 6 are at various stages of development.