On November 18, 2021, in the press center of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency, the “Global 100% RE Ukraine” platform held a press conference on energy efficiency.

The topics of discussion were chosen taking into account the recent jumps in energy prices, threats to the sustainability of the energy system, changes in legislation in the field of energy efficiency and the challenges of the European Green Deal: industry, budget sphere, housing sector.

Alexey Paschenko, the National Coordinator of the UNIDO/GEF UKR IEE Project, as one of the speakers at the press conference, said: “Today, not only the state but also financial institutions require energy management systems, including measurement, verification and reporting of real energy use. The UNIDO/GEF UKR IEE Project: “Introduction of Energy Management System Standard in Ukrainian Industry” has been running for six years and has already developed demonstration examples of energy-intensive enterprises that have implemented an energy management system – a systematic approach to energy consumption and energy use.

Although most companies receive energy efficiency as a side effect of modernizing their equipment, they do not achieve the effect that could be achieved by approaching this issue more comprehensively. Modern energy management systems are implemented without decommissioning or installation of equipment. A modern energy management system that meets the requirements of ISO 50001 is a systematic approach to all energy consumption issues: from problem assessment, solution development and implementation to measurement and verification of results. And this approach gives a much better result.

Regarding ROI: sometimes the ROI of the implemented system can reach one or two months, and sometimes, if it is a separate measure, it can even be one day. As an example from our Project – a heavy industry enterprise with its foundry and metalworking shops. The introduction of the energy management system cost the company about 600 thousand UAH and in the first year they received 2 million UAH saved. That means that even now, without counting on future state support, the existing energy management system is profitable and advantageous for businesses.

Measures to improve energy efficiency in an industrial enterprise directly affect the cost of production. Thus, with increasing energy efficiency, the cost of production decreases and the company becomes more competitive. In addition, more efficient use of energy directly affects the energy security of the enterprise itself, the region where the enterprise is located, and the state as a whole.”

The video of the press conference can be viewed by following the link.